NCA Report 2016

KACA NCA Report 2016 (Philadelphia, PA)

With the theme of “Communication’s Civic Callings,” the 102nd annual convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) was held from Nov. 10-13 in 2016, in Philadelphia, PA. KACA sponsored or co-sponsored the following four research sessions.

Session 1: Cross-cultural adaptation and Asiacentricity

Session Date & Time: Thursday, November 10, 8:00-9:15am, Liberty Salon B – Level 3

Sponsor/Co-sponsors Asian/Pacific American Caucus Asian/Pacific American Communication Studies Division Korean American Communication Association


§ Asiacentricity: Establishing Change for Theoretical Frameworks in Communication Jared A. Birnbaum, California State University, Fresno

§ The Impact of Language Brokering on among College Students Kikuko Omori, St. Cloud State University; Kyoko Kishimoto, St. Cloud State University

§ Preparedness, Adaptive Personality and Cross-cultural Adaptation: A Study of Korean Expatriates in Indonesia Yang-Soo Kim, Middle Tennessee State University

§ Social Media and the Cross-cultural Adaptation of Expatriate English Teachers in South Korea André Kok, Regent University

Session 2: Advancing Engagement: Communication Technology, Social Media, and Culture

Session Date & Time: Friday, November 11, 12:30-1:45pm, Room 700 – Level 7

Sponsor/Co-sponsors Korean American Communication Association


§ Profiles of problematic smartphone users: American and South Korean college students’ psychological traits and mobile phone usage Elliot Panek, University of Alabama; Hyoungkoo Khang, University of Alabama; Yiben Liu, University of Alabama; Young-Gil Chae, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

§ Transnational Media Culture of K-pop, its Western Fandom, and its Ideological Twists Hyeri Jung, University of Texas, Austin

§ Sharing Depressive Feelings in Twitter? A Content Analysis of Tweets and User Characteristics in South Korea and the U.S. Sojung Kim, High Point University; Nahed Eltantawy, High Point University

§ News agenda and people’s engagement within social networks during epidemic: Revisiting agenda setting theory into social networks within the context of MERS epidemic in South Korea Songyi (Grace) Lee, Temple University; Heeyoung Jung, Temple University

Session 3: Government and Politics in Asia Session

Date & Time: Friday, November 11, 2:00-3:15pm, Room 700 – Level 7

Sponsor/Co-sponsors Korean American Communication Association Chinese Communication Association


§ The Past through its Present: National Identity-Building in The War Memorial of Korea EunYoung Lee, Florida Gulf Coast University § Network Heterogeneity on SNS and Opinion Polarization under Threatening Situation: Focusing on North Korea’s threats Jiyoung Lee, Syracuse University

§ Redistributing the memorable, redistributing the sensible: The politics of aesthetics in the Korean ferry Sewol memory practices JeongHyun Lee, North Carolina State University

§ VICTORY & PEACE: The Use of Metaphors in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s V-D Speech Chunyu Zhang, Ohio University; Benjamin R. Bates, Ohio University

§ Government’s Influence on Tobacco-related News Coverage in People’s Daily Hengjun Lin, Ohio University

Session 4: Communication Behaviors in the Asian Context Session

Date & Time: Saturday, November 12, 8:00-9:15pm, Room 670 – Level 6

Sponsor/Co-sponsors Chinese Communication Association Korean American Communication Association


§ Assessing Changes in Managerial Relationships in Korea Jaesub Lee, University of Houston

§ Building Guanxi Through Partnerships: An Analysis of China’s Confucius Institute Initiative of Cultural Diplomacy Di Wu, American University; R. S. Zaharna, American University

§ Emotions, Media, and Political Participation in Hong Kong Kun Peng, City University of Hong Kong; Wan-Ying Lin, City University of Hong Kong

§ Korean Americans’ Cancer/Health Status and Information Seeking: Findings from 2012-2014 HINTS (The Health Information National Trends Survey) Jungmi Jun, University of Maryland § When the Whole Country Cares Who We Date: A Narrative Analysis of Taiwanese and International News Coverage of Interracial Intimacy

In 2016, KACA expanded its outreach by developing co-sponsored sessions with the Asian/ Pacific American Communication Studies Division (APACSD) and the Chinese Communication Association (CCA). The KACA-NCA Committee thanks Dr. Lisa Hanasono (Bowling Green State University) and Dr. Shuhua Zhou (University of Alabama) for their collaboration with KACA

Approximately 35 people attended the KACA social gathering at a local Korean restaurant. During the meeting, a graduate student travel grant award was presented to Nahoi Koo, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California.

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