Historical List of Researches

The Korean American Communication Association has supported various research activities on communication scholarship activities related to Korea, through its conference sessions and beyond. This is a extensive while not exhaustive list of the shining examples so far.

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2010s / 2000s / 1990s / 1980s




Venue: ICA
Venue: ICA / 4th Joint Conference on Communication
  • “Typology Study of Attitudes toward Crime News in Korea”. Won Ho Chang, Hung Hyu Kim, School of Journalism, U of Missouri.
  • “Acculuturation Motivation and Communication behaviors: A Study of Korean Immigrants in the LA Areas”. Hae-ryun Kim, School of Journalism and Mass Comm, U of Iowa.
  • “Western Cultural Elements in Korea Advertisements: A study of Cultural Synchronization”. Jin K. Kim, Sang-Joon Jin, Dept of Comm & theatre, U of Illinois at Chicago.
  • “Professional Factors Impeding Global Communication”, Jae-won Lee, Dept of Communication. Cleveland State U
  • “Comparative Analysis of Certain Korean and U.S. Newspaper Editorials on the KAL 007 Incident”, Seong Hyong Lee, Dept of Conn Arts, Appalachian St U
  • “Rhetoric: A Comparison of Its Evolution in East and West”, Chung-ho Choe, Yonsei U, Seoul, Korea.
  • “How Third World Broadcasters See New World Information Order Issue”, Hyun-dew Kang, Sogang U, Seoul, Korea.
  • “Local Interests Reflected in International News: A Case of Japanese Mass Media‘s Coverage of Korean News” Jong-ki, Kim. Hankuk U of Foreign Studies.
  • “Diffusion or Imperialism: A View of Technology and Communication” Dwig-shin Lee. Kyungneo U. Seoul. Korea.
  • “Foreign Influence on Korean Journalism Education” Jin-hwan Oh, Hanyang Univ, Seoul, Korea.
  • “Main Characteristics of Korea‘s Press Law”, Won-soon Faeng. Hanyang U.
  • “A Review of the Function of Korean Press Arbitration Commission”, Noe-hymn Won, Korea University, Seoul. Korea.
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