Dr. Do Kyun David Kim, Richard D’Aquin Endowed Professor, Department of Communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette

(Associate Editor)

Dr. Yeonsoo Kim, Associate Professor, Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas

The Korean Journal of Communication (KJC) is a rigorous peer-reviewed publication dedicated to disseminating scholarly research, book reviews, insightful commentaries, and meticulous field notes and data analysis. The journal’s primary objective is to foster the advancement and wider dissemination of Korean communication studies. KJC places significant emphasis on the breadth of its scope, which encompasses theory-based research, pioneering theory development, and cutting-edge methodological approaches to Korean communication research. Furthermore, the journal highly values contributions from both the social sciences and humanities disciplines, recognizing their unique insights and perspectives. Consequently, manuscripts from disciplines other than communication scholarship are also welcomed and appreciated by the journal.

KJC comprehensively addresses a broad spectrum of topical areas, encompassing, but not limited to, Korean pop culture and media studies, language and social interaction, cultural studies, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, health communication, communication technology, traditional and new media, communicative social change, international communication, journalism, mass communication, and developmental studies.

KJC is published by the University of Texas Press (USA). Please visit the KJC’s official website for further information:

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