NCA Report 2015

2015 KACA-NCA Conference Report

The 101st annual convention of the National Communication Association (NCA) was held in Las Vegas, NV (Nov. 19-22, 2015) at Rio Hotel & Casino. KACA had four academic and social events.

Research Session: 11:00 — 12:15 p.m., November 19, 2015

KACA hosted a research session, the Role of Communication in the Korean Contexts. Four research papers were presented by Dr. Yang-Soo Kim (Middle Tennessee State University), Dr. C. Mo Bahk (California State University, San Bernardino), JeeYun Baik (University of Southern California graduate), and Hwalbin Kim (University of South Carolina). Approximately eleven people attended the session.

1“Communication Experiences of North Korean Defectors in Los Angeles: An Exploratory Interview Study of Cross-Cultural Adaptation” by Dr. Jong Sook Ahn (California State University, Northridge graduate) and Dr. Yang-Soo Kim (Middle Tennessee State University). This paper won KACA-NCA Top Paper Award and was acknowledged with a cash prize and certificate during the social gathering.




“Mediated Contact and Interethnic Relational Acceptance: The Impact of the Gangnam Style Video” by Dr. C. Mo Bahk (California State University, San Bernardino).





“The Effects of Television Comedy Shows on Public Engagement in the United States and South Korean Political Campaign” by JeeYun Baik (University of Southern California graduate).



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“Who Likes, Comments, and Shares on Facebook? A Study of Facebook Use and Engagement between U.S. and South Korean College Students” by Hwalbin Kim (University of South Carolina) and Dr. Diana C. Sisson (Auburn University).


 Graduate Students’ Social: 11:30 a.m., November 20, 2015

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KACA supported graduate students’ social gathering lunch at a local restaurant. KACA thanks Sungsu Kim (student representative, University of Georgia), Jeeyun Baik (University of Southern California graduate), and Jin-A Choi (University of Texas at Austin) who organized the event. Six graduate students attended.


KACA Social Gathering: 6:30 p.m., November 20, 2015

s1 s2Approximately 15 people attended the KACA social gathering at a local Korean restaurant. During the meeting, top paper award (Dr. Jong Sook Ahn, CSU, Northridge & Dr. Yang-Soo Kim, Middle Tennessee State U), and graduate student travel grant awards (Hwalbin Kim, & Claire Shinhea Lee) were recognized.


KACA especially thanks Dr. Hye-ryeon Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa, former KACA President), Dr. Hye Jin Paek (Hanyang University, former KACA-ICA Vice President), and Dr. Yongick Jeong (Louisiana State University, former Secretary of KACA) for joining our social gathering event and meeting our new members.


Panel Discussion Session: 9:30 — 10:45 p.m., November 21, 2015,

KACA also hosted a panel discussion session with Korean Health Communication Association. The theme of the session was “Korean Health Communication: Past, Present, and Future.” Dr. Hye Jin Paek (Hanyang University) chaired the session. Director Jisoo Lee (Enzaim Health Co., Ltd.), Dr. Yong Chan kim (Yonsei University), Dr. Jiyeon So (University of Georgia), Dr. Jaesub Lee (University of Houston), and Dr. Do Kyun Kim (University of Louisiana) participated in the session as panelists:

  • Trends and Strategies of Korean Health Campaigns
  • Korean Health Communication Education
  • Challenge and opportunities for risk communication in Korea
  • Current and Future of Health Literacy Research in South Korea
  • Internationalizing Korean Health Communication

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Dr. Xiaoquan Zhao (George Mason University) provided insightful suggestions as a respondent, and approximately 18 people attended the session.



2016 NCA in Philadelphia

The 2016 NCA convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA (Nov. 10-13, 2016) at Philadelphia Marriott Downtown/Courtyard. The 102nd convention theme is “Communication’s Civic Callings.” KACA looks forward to meeting many Korean and Korean American scholars there.

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