ICA Report 2007


ICA 2007 (May 24 ~ 28)
The 2007 ICA meeting was held in San Francisco, CA, May 24-28. The KACA panel session was more competitive than previous year’s ICA. Only five out of over 50 submitted abstracts were chosen to present in the session. KACA president, Dr. Lee chaired the session. Five papers presented are as follows:

  • Creation of a New Public Sphere: Internet Activism and Democratization of Korea by Jinsun Lee, Rutgers U, USA
  • Cross-Lagged Analysis of Intermedia Agenda-Setting: An Interplay between Television News and Internet Portals in South Korea. by Doo-Hun Choi, Auburn U, USA Sei-Hill Kim, Auburn U, USA
  • Talking about Mundane Topics on the Internet: A Comparison of Political and Nonpolitical Online Discussions in Korea. by Eun-Mee Kim, Yonsei U, Korea, Republic of Soohee Kim, Yonsei U, Korea, Republic of
  • Representation of ‘WE’ and ‘THEY’ in Korean TV: A Study of the Television Documentaries Featuring Foreign Immigrant Workers and Korean Emigrant Workers. by Tae-Jin Yoon, Yonsei U, Korea, Republic of Jae Won Joo, Yonsei U, Korea, Republic of
  • Corporate Crisis,Media Tonality, and Corporate Performance: A Time-Series Analysis of Spill-Over Effects. by Jeong-Nam Kim, Xavier U, USA Kai Bossmann, PRIME Research Center Europe, Germany Virginia Chen, PRIME Research Center Europe, Germany

KACA hosted a business meeting after panel session followed by a reception sponsored by Hankook Ilbo U.S.A.

Agendas discussed are as follows:

  1. KACA directory update
  2. KACA Web site (http://www.kacanet.org) updated with new services: blog, course syllabi collections, and job search guide.
  3. Visitors can use login id “members” and pw “kaca1978” to access without membership payment.
  4. Financial report was provided and reported.
  5. For the 30th anniversary of KACA, a KACA special conference day during the 2008 AEJMC in Chicago was planned.
  6. KACA election results for the 2007-2009 term were announced.

Reception was a success with students and professors from both Korea and the U.S. Reception participants enjoyed another reunion of KACA in Korean style at a Korean restaurant near the convention hotel.

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