AEJMC Report 2007

August, 2007 in Washington D.C.
Our “Building an Academic Career” session at the AEJMC convention on Aug. 11 was a standing-room-only event. More than 25 people attended the two-hour-long discussion of how to search for academic jobs in the U.S. (and abroad).

Prof. Kwangmi Kim (Towson), KACA vice president, moderated the informative meeting. Several brand-new or relatively new Korean-American professors recounted their fulfilling real-life stories about their job search.

Prof. Yongick Jeong (Louisiana State), Prof. Eyun-Jung Ki (Alabama), Prof. Daekyung (Idaho State), and Prof. Jangyul Kim (Colorado State) were the principal speakers at the KACA session. Prof. Jisu Huh (Minnesota), who is NOT a new professor, offers her experiential thought on the quantity vs. quality of research as a factor in the faculty candidates’ credentials.

Several others, including Prof. Sammy “Sang” Lee (West Virginia), actively participated in examining the dos and don’ts of academic job search in the U.S.

Most significantly, Prof. Yang Soo Choi (Yonsei) and Prof. Jae Chul Shim (Korea), both of whom returned to Seoul after several years of teaching in the U.S., offered their up-to-date analysis of the jmc job market in Korea. It was a reality check on the increasingly tough challenges for those who might consider starting their careers in Seoul.

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