AEJMC Report 2012

2012 AEJMC-KACA Report

AEJMC conference was held in Chicago, IL, from August 9 to 12.

KACA hosted two research sessions on August 9.  The second research session was an alternative to the KACA business meeting, which was briefly held during the KACA dinner on the same date.  This year, KACA had very high submission rate. A total of 28 papers were submitted. Due to such high submission rate, KACA decided that this year’s KACA research sessions be better formatted to high density research sessions instead of regular research sessions.

At the first research session, from 3:15pm to 4:30pm, with the approximate number of 25 attendees, Dr. Sung-Un Yang at Indiana University Bloomington chaired presentation of the following eight research papers:

Yangsun Hong (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Woohyun Yoo (University of Wisconsin-Madison) presented their paper titled “Testing the Effects of Pictorial Exemplification in Health News about Breast Cancer on Korean Women’s Early Detection Behaviors.” This paper won the KACA Top Paper and was acknowledged with a case prize during the KACA dinner.

Matthew A. Shapiro (Illinois Institute of Technology), Libby Hemphill (Illinois Institute of Technology) and Ho-Young Yoon (Yeungnam University) presented their paper titled “Legislators Talking and Walking: A Comparison of Korean and American Social Media Behavior and Voting Patterns.”

Hongjin Shim (Yonsei University), Kyung Han You (Pennsylvania State University) and Jeong Kyu Lee (The ClearWay Minnesota) presented their paper titled “New Ways of Accessing News with Mobile Devices: Exploring the Relationships among Perceived Suitability, Motives, and Behaviors for Using Mobile-Based News.”

Hyun Ou Lee (Hanyang University) and Soyoon Kim (University of Minnesota) presented their paper titled “Linking Heath Information Seeking to Behavioral Outcomes: Examination of the Antecedents and the Outcome of Childhood Vaccination Information Seeking in South Korea.”

Tae-Il Yoon (Hallym University) and Hae-Young Byun (Kangwon National University) presented their paper titled “What Makes a Festival Experience Extraordinary?: Examining the Mediating Role of the ‘Shinmyoung’ Experience in the Relationship Between Perceived Festival Quality and Behavioral Intentions.”

Eunkyung Lee (Rutgers University) presented her paper titled “Media Use Among North Korean Migrants in South Korea and Its Impact on Their Identity Formation and Adaptation.”

Finally, Nohil Park (Seoul Digital University), JiYeon Jeong (Hongik University) and Bokyung Kim (Rowan University) presented their paper titled “A CEO’s Stealing Thunder on Twitter: Analysis of the Effects of a CEO’s Proactive Self-Disclosure of Crisis Information Via Twitter.”
For the second research session, Dr. Jangyul “Robert” Kim at Colorado State University chaired presentation of the following eight research papers, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.  Approximately, 60 people attended this session.

Wan Soo Lee (Dongseo University) and Min-Kyu Lee (Chung-Ang University) presented their paper titled “Revisiting Social Capital: Power Elites’ Social Capital Building Via Korean Newspapers’ People Section.”

Kisung Yoon (Gil-Chun Catholic Church) presented his paper titled “Religious Drama Exposure and Audience’s Knowledge Change: The Roles of Faith Motivation, Program Appeals, and Dual Information Processing.”

Hye-ryeon Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Hye-Eun Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Junghwa Choi (Hallym University), Jang Hyun Kim (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Hae Lin Han (Windward Community College) presented their paper titled “Social Media Use, Body Image and Psychological Well-Being: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Korean and the U.S.”

Seon-Gi Baek (Sungkyunkwan University), Eun Jung Baeck (Sungkyunkwan University) and Slgi Lee (Seongkyunkwan University) presented their paper titled “The Candle Light Movement, Media Coverage and Ideological Implications: Semiotic and Discourse Analysis of News Coverage Using Baek’s SNA & DSA.”

Jeongsub Lim (Sogang University) presented his paper titled “Power Relations among News Websites for Posting Headlines through Monitoring and Imitation.”
Kwangmi Ko Kim (Towson University), Ping Shaw (National Sun Yat-sen University) and Hong Cheng (Ohio University) presented their paper titled “Global Public Health Concerns and McDonald’s TV Commercials: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Fast-Food Giant’s Strategies in Korea.”

Soojin Kim (Purdue University), Kelly Vibber (Purdue University) and Jeong-Nam Kim (Purdue University) presented their paper titled “Mediating Role of the Organization-Employee Relationship Between Organizational Justice, Supervisory Justice, Organizational Culture and Turnover Intention.”

Finally, Hannah Lee (Ewah Womans University) and Soontae An (Ewha Womans University) presented their paper titled “A Contents Analysis of News Coverage of Suicide in Korea from Public Health Perspective.”

During the KACA dinner, held from 7:00pm on August 9, 48 people attended.  Key KACA officers were introduced; attendees had a great time.

Overall, KACA was impressed by the increasing interest in Korea-related research from Korean and (Korean) American scholars, which was reflected well in the increased number of paper submission to research sessions.  Hosting two research sessions turned out to bring out a huge success in both research sessions.  In 2013, AEJMC conference will be held in Washing, DC, from August 8 to August 11.  KACA looks forward to meeting many Korean and Korean American scholars in DC.

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