2023-2025 President’s Welcome Message

2023-2025 President’s Welcome

Dear KACA members,

I am deeply honored to take on the role as the 18th president of the Korean American Communication Association (KACA). For over four decades, KACA has been a central hub connecting Korean scholars worldwide and those passionate about Korean communications. Our association fosters scholarly exchange across a broad spectrum of communication fields. During the challenges of the COVID pandemic and increased racial tensions, KACA has emerged as a primary advocate, consistently representing the voices of Korean scholars in turbulent political environments. KACA has expanded its collaborations beyond prominent conferences such as ICA, NCA, and AEJMC. By forming partnerships with entities such as KOFICE and the Korean Foundation, and with the support of several sponsors, we have strengthened our presence. This notable progress is largely attributed to the commitment of past officials, particularly under Dr. Kang’s leadership, and the consistent support from our KACA members. In this letter, I’d like to extend my gratitude for their tireless efforts in fulfilling KACA’s mission.

As I begin my term as president, I acknowledge the changing societal landscape we face. The emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion has been paramount in recent years, yet we continue to face challenges confronting the Asian community and the lingering impacts of COVID. In these times, I want to reaffirm KACA’s position as an advocate for the Korean scholarly community. Our unwavering commitment to KACA’s mission—to serve as the nexus for scholarly endeavors related to Korea, Korean Americans, and the extensive Korean diaspora—remains strong.

For the tenure of 2023-2025, KACA will:

Deepen Our Commitment to DE&I: My team and I are committed to enhancing our inclusivity efforts. Historically, KACA was predominantly comprised of first-generation Korean scholars based mainly in North America. However, we acknowledge that KACA’s membership now encompasses a wider community, spanning subsequent generations of Korean scholars and individuals from various international backgrounds, not solely limited to North America or those of Korean heritage. While our dedication to representing the voice of Korean scholarly communities remains steadfast, we will also actively enhance KACA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. This includes strengthening our connections with global organizations, inviting scholars of diverse generations and heritages to leadership and committee roles, and promoting open dialogues to ensure KACA’s governance is inclusive and participatory.

Expanding Our Scholarly Platforms: This term, KACA is focused on enhancing its scholarly platforms. We are excited to announce the unveiling of our academic projects, notably the Korean Journal of Communication (KJC) and the Korean Communication Symposium. While scholarly exchanges have always been at the heart of our mission, there’s been a noticeable absence of a dedicated platform. Thanks to the diligent efforts of our predecessors, the inaugural volume of the KJC is soon to be released. Furthermore, our exclusive conference, supported by renowned universities worldwide, is slated for Spring 2024. This KACA conference will play a pivotal role in advancing KACA’s scholarly endeavors, alongside our signature programs that collaborate with major conferences. As we embark on these groundbreaking ventures, our commitment remains clear: to advocate for and nurture these promising scholarly platforms in Korean communication, while upholding our DE&I principles

KACA stands strong due to the dedication and support of every member. We will remain continuously attuned to the insights and needs of both our existing and potential members. When my term approaches its end, I deeply hope that KACA will gain global recognition as the foundation for Korean communication scholars, serving as the principal advocate for its members and the central hub for outstanding scholarly excellence in Korean communications.


Yeonsoo Kim, Ph.D., APR

President, 2023-2025

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