501(c)(3) organization

Dear KACA members,

KACA has put much effort to be a government-granted nonprofit organization during the last several years. Thanks to former KACA presidents and staff for their preparation of documentations for a 501(c)(3) application, KACA was able to submit an application to IRS in January this year. As a result of the application, IRS approved our application and now KACA became a 501(c)(3) organization from September, 2014. As a 501(c)(3) organization, KACA can do the following:

  1. KACA can accept donations at any amounts from donors that are tax-deductable.
  2. KACA is exempted from federal and/or state corporate income taxes.
  3. Although it varies by state, we are possibly exempted from state sales and property taxes.
  4. KACA can apply for grants and other public or private allocations available to nonprofit organizations.
  5. KACA is protected from federal and/or state unemployment tax liabilities at a higher threshold.
  6. KACA gets discounts on US Postal bulk-mail rates and other mailing services.
  7. More than anything else, KACA is an official nonprofit organization with the public legitimacy of IRS recognition.

Thank you for your support and KACA will be able to benefit you more in the future as an official nonprofit organization.


Jin-Ae Kang, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
President, Korean American Communication Association (2021~2023)

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