KACA at 40


Serving Korean Communication Scholars in North America for 40 Years


The Korean American Communication Association held its 40th anniversary in 2018. Having started from a handful of  Korean American communication scholars in 1978, we have grown into the backbone of communication scholarship activities related to Korea, for promoting research as well as friendships in the academic society among its members and beyond.

Led by the 40th anniversary planning committee (co-chaired by Dr. Hye-ryeon Lee / University of Hawaii at Manoa and Dr. Seungahn Nah / University of Oregon), various commemorative projects took place throughout the year.


40-Day Challenge: $40 for 40 Years

In appreciation and celebration of its remarkable 40 years, KACA hosts a special fundraising drive, between April 16 and May 25. Click to view the list of donors.




Book Projects

At the 40th anniversary conference, two books were unveiled as  invaluable assets to Korean American communication scholarship.

  • Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture in Korea: Contemporary Research and Future Prospects, Lexington Books.
    • A comprehensive overview of the history of scholarship on Korean media and communication published in the English language. Edited by Dal Yong Jin (Simon Fraser University) and Nojin Kwak (University of Michgan). Click for more details.
  • Korean Communication, Media, and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography, Lexington Books.
    • Annotations of major English books, journal articles, monographs, and dissertations on Korean journalism, communication, culture, and related topics. Edited by Kyu Ho Youm (University of Oregon) and Nojin Kwak (University of Michgan). Click for more details.

Then and Now

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