Unique opportunity for Korean American college students to learn about Saigu and history of Asian American activism

The K.W. Lee Center for Leadership is sponsoring an exciting leadership development initiative for high school and college students, called the Korean American Youth Leaders in Training.  Sa-i-gu (April 29, 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest), which serves as the impetus for this program, exposed many deep-rooted problems in the Korean American community, particularly the lack of leadership. The purpose of this program is to take deliberate steps to fill that void by developing and supporting a new generation of Korean American leaders.  The program provides an opportunity for Korean American students to develop leadership skills, explore their culture and history, experience hands-on community organizing, and develop a larger perspective of themselves in relation to their own community as well as the larger public arena.   

KW Lee Center for Leadership is extending this summer workshop opportunity to Korean American college students. This year, to encourage active participation, the center can give each college student a $500 stipend. If you personally know any student who might be benefitted from this workshop, please direct your student to the following email.  Please spread the word to other faculty members or students to identify potential Korean American leaders.  

For more information, please see attached forms and feel free to contact me at taehyun.kim@csun.edu 

Dr. Taehyun Kim, Associate Professor

Dept. of Journalism

California State Univ, Northridge

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