The Inaugural Jaewon Lee Distinguished Service Award Goes to Dr. Seungahn Nah

The Inaugural Jaewon Lee Distinguished Service Award will go to Dr. Seungahn Nah (Oregon) for his exemplary service and dedication to KACA. Dr. Nah is Professor of Media Studies/Journalism in School of Journalism and Communication, University of Oregon.

The selection committee felt that Dr. Nah is the one who has demonstrated exemplary service to the KACA, inheriting Dr. Lee’s generosity and love for KACA.

One recommender said Dr. Nah is “a living example of how one person’s leadership can transform an organization” while the other said “Dr. Nah is an inspiration for many KACA officers and members. He never hesitates to sacrifice himself for KACA.” Finally, the committee is in full agreement with the following statement, “I believe these accomplishments well embody Dr. Jaewon Lee’s legacy of intellectual courage, generosity and inspirational leadership.”

Following is a brief summary of Dr. Nah’s service to KACA.

Dr. Nah has been a KACA member for two decades and served as vice president and president of KACA (2013-17). His leadership was instrumental in establishing formative ties with the Chinese Communication Association (CCA) that led to joint sessions at ICA and also pre- and post- conference events. Under his leadership, KACA was also represented at the World Journalism Education Council and joined such delegates in 2017. Further, Dr. Nah initiated an Asian Communication Consortium with the then CCA President, which has led to the formation of the Asian Pacific Communication Alliance.

Dr. Nah organized and chaired the steering committee (jointly with Dr. Hye-ryeon Lee, Hawaii at Manoa) for the KACA 40th Anniversary event, while working on the two volumes that were published in 2018 celebrating KACA’s 40th anniversary: Korea’s Communication, Digital Media, and Popular Culture, edited by Dr. Dal Young Jin (Simon Fraser) and Dr. Nojin Kwak (Michigan), and Korean Communication, Media, and Culture: An Annotated Bibliography, edited by Dr. Kyu Ho Youm (Oregon) and Dr. Nojin Kwak (Michigan).

He also initiated the KACA journal project that led to the creation of the Korean Journal of Communication, in which he is currently the chair of the editor search committee.

Under his leadership, KACA created a new research award titled the Ewha-KACA research award and a new dissertation award.

Please join me in recognizing Dr. Nah’s distinguished service to KACA.
The award will be presented during the AEJMC KACA Business Meeting 8/8 Saturday 3:00 p.m. The recognition will include the presentation of a plaque and a monetary award of $500. The winner will also be listed in the KACA website.

About the Award
The Jae-won Lee Distinguished Service Award was established in the summer of 2018 to honor Professor Emeritus Dr. Jae-won Lee (Cleveland State), the founder and a two-time president of Korean American Communication Association (KACA). Prof. Lee has been an inspiring role model for numerous Korean and non-Korean students and scholars. The award is to recognize a person who has demonstrated exemplary service to the KACA, inheriting Dr. Lee’s generosity and love for KACA.

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