Message from the membership chair

Dear KACA members,

On behalf of KACA, we cannot thank you enough for your ongoing contribution to KACA. Without your loyalty and support, we would not continuously provide our members with valuable benefits and actively develop KACA. 

You might have received the 2022 KACA membership renewal reminder during the first and second weeks of March. As of March 11, 2022, 101 members have renewed or joined KACA, and we greatly appreciate your support!

Starting this year, KACA added a new membership category: Lifetime membership. Special thanks to those who renewed their membership to Lifetime membership.

Many thanks to the following renewed or newly joined members for 2022!

Regina Ahn*, Suhwoo Ahn, Soo Young Bae*, Janice Cho, Suyeon Cho,  Jin Choi, Sukyoung Choi, Yunmi Choi, Eunji (Angie) Chung, Jee Young Chung*, Myojung Chung*, Nate Ming Curran, Nathaniel Ming Curran, Surin Chung, Yoo Jin Chung, Jae Sik Ha, Chang-Dae Ham*, Eun-Jeong Han, Jiyoung Han*, Woori Han, Soo-Hye Han, Yujin Heo, Yangsun Hong,  Jisu Huh*, Mo. Jones-Jang*, David C. Jeong*, Jaehyeon Jeong, Yunbo Jung*, Ilyoung Ju*,  Jungmi Jun*, Da-young Kang, Jinae Kang*, Jiyeon Kang, Katie Kang, Seok Kang*, Eyun-Jung Ki*, Do Own Kim,  Eunyoung Kim, Gooyong Kim, Hanmin Kim, Hyank-Sook Kim*, Hye Min Kim, Jangyul Kim*, Jinsook Kim, Jiyoun Kim*, Ji Young Kim, Nakho Kim,  Seon-Woo Kim, Yeonsoo Kim, Yang Soo Kim, Young Ji Kim, Young Yun Kim, Yung Soo Kim*, JiHae Koo, Nojin Kwak*, K. Hazel Kwon*,  Kyeongwon Kwon, Yeji Kwon, Claire Shinhea Lee, Euriang Lee, Hojeong Lee, Hye-ryeon Lee*, Jaejin Lee, Jeehyun (Jenny) Lee,  JongHwa Lee,  Sang Lee*, Sangwon Lee, Saymin Lee, Seungyoon Lee, Sun Young Lee,  Susanna S. Lee,  Tae Kyoung Lee, Yoon Joo Lee, Kristy Leung, JongIn Lim, Wonki Moon, Seung-Hwan Mun, Kilhoe Na, Siho Nam, David Oh, Soo Kwang Oh, Jihyun (Esther) Paik, Hyojung Park*, Keonyoung Park, Sejung Park, Sung Eun Park, Sun-Young Park, Jeongwon Yang, Hocheol Yang, Hyunjin Seo*, Mincheol Shin, YoungJu Shin, Rachel Son, Yong Whi Greg Song, Kyung-Hyan Yoo, Kyong Yoon, Kibum Youn, Stephanie Young, Gi Woong Yun, Jungyun Won*, Chang Wan Woo* (Alphabetized by last name, * means special membership)

Membership dues are very important in funding activities that are essential to fulfilling the KACA’s organizational mission.

If you have not yet renewed your KACA membership, we would like to ask you to renew the membership today to continue being a significant part of the KACA and retaining access to our benefits such as:

●      Regular e-newsletters

●      KACA members’ page access

●      KACA membership directory access

●      Voting rights

●      Opportunities for leadership roles and networking

●      Eligibility for all KACA awards & grant applications

To renew your membership, please visit here: 

If you have any questions about the renewal process or feedback regarding your experience with KACA, please contact our membership chair, Dr. Jee-Young Chung, at or Dr. Kyung Jung Han (Treasurer) at 

Thank you once again for your commitment to KACA. We look forward to serving you for another year!


KACA Membership Committee, 2021-2023
Jee-Young Chung, Ph.D. (Chair)
Da-young Kang, Student Representative
Eunyoung Kim, Ph.D.

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