Korean Journal of Communication (KJC) was officially launched

Our journal publication contract with the University of Texas Press (UT Press) was signed and became effective as of May 19, 2023. 

KJC’s official website is open now for accepting manuscripts. Please check the link and submit your manuscripts through the submission link on the website! We will take special care and expedite the review of your manuscripts for our upcoming issues! 

Read a message from the Editor-In-Chief, Dr. Do Kyun David Kim!  

I am delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of the Korean Journal of Communication (KJC), which will be published in collaboration with the prestigious University of Texas Press. This historic achievement of KACA truly calls for celebration and recognition. I want to express my deepest appreciation to all the KACA members whose ceaseless dedication, hard work, and continuous support have culminated in this remarkable outcome.

As we embark on this new chapter in Korean communication scholarship, I would like to first recognize and honor the previous KACA officers who laid the foundation for the establishment of this academic journal. Their visionary leadership and commitment to advancing Korean communication as a scholarship were instrumental in making the launch of KJC possible. Their perseverance in the process of launching KJC has been the driving force behind this significant milestone.

The successful launch of KJC surely represents a collective effort, showcasing the strength and unity of the KACA community. It is a testament to the shared passion and commitment to advancing knowledge and understanding in our field. By establishing KJC, we have created a platform that will contribute to establishing a vibrant Korean communication research community, promote cross-cultural exchange, and elevate the prominence of Korean communication scholarship. Furthermore, the publication of KJC holds immense meaning and value as it will serve as a rigorous publication outlet for researchers to share their findings, theories, and insights related to Korean communication with the wider scholarly community. Related to this, the articles published through KJC will directly affect the establishment and advancement of Korean communication research and foster scholarly discourse, encouraging the exchange of ideas and perspectives among researchers. KJC will certainly promote critical discussions and debates and develop an environment conducive to the refinement of existing knowledge and the emergence of new research agendas. By providing a platform for rigorous scholarly discourse, KJC will encourage researchers to challenge existing paradigms, explore innovative perspectives, and help advance Korean communication scholarship.

Here, as the Editor-In-Chief of KJC, I would like to present my plans for strengthening the journal. First, we will maintain a rigorous peer review process to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and overall quality of the published research. This procedural effort will not only enhance the impact of high-quality research published in KJC but also steer the trajectory of future Korean communication research, making substantial contributions to advancements across diverse scholarly fields and societal sectors. Additionally, KJC will serve as a vital archive of Korean communication research, providing a foundation for future generations of researchers to access and build upon past discoveries.

Recognizing that the significance and impact of KJC’s scholarly articles are directly linked to the journal’s reputation, our primary focus at KJC will be on publishing high-quality research. We all understand that achieving this goal requires a collective effort throughout the entire publication process. Therefore, I would like to extend an invitation to all readers of this letter, KACA members, as well as interested students and scholars, to support and actively participate in our endeavor. Your support and participation are crucial in maintaining the rigorous standards that KJC upholds. We encourage you to submit your original research, engage in the peer review process, and be involved as reviewers, authors, and readers. By collaborating and sharing our expertise, insights, and diverse perspectives, KJC will continue to showcase the highest quality research in the field of Korean communication.

Together, we can strengthen KJC’s position as a leading journal in the field of Korean communication, fostering academic excellence and disseminating knowledge interdisciplinary and internationally. I look forward to collaborating with esteemed contributors, dedicated reviewers, and the vibrant members of the KACA community. From this monumental beginning of KJC, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we will continue to strive for the continuous elevation of KJC’s standing as a renowned and impactful scholarly journal. I am honored to be part of this remarkable community, and I look forward to the incredible outcomes we will make together through the Korean Journal of Communication.

With deepest appreciation and warmest regards,

Do Kyun David Kim, Ph.D.

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KACA rocks!

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