KACA’s Official Statement against Pervasive Racism against Blacks

KACA’s Official Statement against Pervasive Racism against Blacks, June 4, 2020

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, once again, we mourn with the family of George and the families of those who have lost their sons and daughters and brothers and sisters over this systematic, institutionalized racism against black people, persisting in this country after many centuries of history.

America in the 21st century will not go backward to stand silent to such injustices inflicted on black people. We, Korean American Communication Association, on behalf of 700 Korean American current and future communication scholars and professionals, strongly condemn systematic racism and injustice perpetuated against black people in North America.

It is unacceptable to even imagine that we are living in a society where we can get killed or harassed because of our own skin color.  The fundamental of democracy is the people’s voice and freedom.  Any attempt(s) to silence the voice of people as well as conveyers of those voices will not be tolerated.  

Thus, our official stands are:

1.      We strongly condemn any institutionalized racism against black people in North America.

2.      We strongly oppose any attempt to silence the people’s voice and freedom of assembly.

3.      We strongly oppose any attack on reporters/journalists performing their duties of investigation and reporting on the people’s exercise of freedom of speech and expression.

We are in strong solidarity with all the people in this country who are against racism and bigotry toward black people and other communities.

We strongly demand that the government be accountable and bring real change and progress to eradicate such stubborn racism and injustice.

Moon J. Lee, Ph.D.

KACA President, 2019-2021 

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