KACA Standing against DHS’ Proposed Restrictions on International Students and Scholars

On September 24, 2020, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) proposed a new rule that would limit the length of stay for international students and scholars in the United States. Here is the link for the DHS announcement: https://www.dhs.gov/news/2020/09/24/dhs-proposes-change-admission-period-structure-f-j-and-i-nonimmigrants

Once again, this is a blunt attempt to limit international students’/scholars’ visa status with a fixed period of stay—limiting the maximum to four years and jeopardizing these individuals’ abilities to pursue higher education/academic exchange. At the same time, this proposed policy would place undue pressure on international students and scholars who are already reluctant to come to the United States in the midst of the global pandemic and due to a hostile political climate.   

International students and scholars are essential components of quality education in the United States. Their contribution to the U.S. economy is significant. International students contributed about $45 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018 [1], with 1.1 million attending institutions of higher education. This accounts for approximately 5.5% of the entire student body [2]

We strongly oppose any inflexible policy that imposes stay limits without considering the needs and nature of the specific field or program of study. Any such policy would not only severely limit students’ and scholars’ abilities to fully engage in learning, but would also undermine our educational institutions’ mission to prepare our next generation of students to possess the intercultural/multicultural competencies necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.  

We, KACA, strongly oppose the proposed restrictions on international students’/scholars’ visa status.  We must block such policies that are designed to discriminate against international students/scholars, impacting our ability to educate the next generation. KACA strongly opposes the DHS’s proposed restrictions on international students’ and scholars’ visa status. 

Korean American Communication Association 


KACA is the premier academic association for Korean American scholars, students, and professionals engaged in research, teaching, and application of communication in various sectors of society with the highest standards and professional ethics, representing more than 700 communication scholars, students, and professionals in the United States of America.   

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