KACA Shout-Outs

Dr. Gooyong Kim, an assistant professor at Cheyney University, is appointed as a council member for the Communications Equity & Diversity Council by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). He is assigned to the Digital Empowerment and Inclusion Working Group under the Council for two years as of December 2021.

He is also selected as a fellow for the Academy of Korean Studies and will do fieldwork during the summer in Korea. His research project examines the bereaved mothers’ political subjectification/ subjectivation in the post-Gwangju Uprising movement.

Dr. David Oh, an associate professor of Communication Arts at Ramapo College of New Jersey, won the Top 4 Faculty Paper Award in the International & Intercultural Communication Division at the NCA 2021.

Thank you to everyone who shared your news with other KACA members. Please share your good news with us (jkimcomm@umd.edu). We will include it in the next newsletter and celebrate with KACA members.

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