Invitation to Conversation on Anti-Asian Racism

Dear KACA members,

We hope all members are doing well in this summer. 

KACA hosts a virtual conversation session regarding racism against Asians. American history tells us that the recent rise of racism and violence against Asians is not new and such an issue will impact Asian American scholars in higher education unless we decide to take action for change. 

Thus, we would like to invite you to the conversation. Through the session: 

  • We will focus on our experience in a higher education context as a faculty, student, and administrator. 
  • Without worrying about retaliation, we want to collect experiences/ anecdotes of bias, micro-aggression, and racism against Asians. 
  • Further, we will discuss our needs against the anti-Asian sentiment and brainstorm what we can do to stand together against anti-Asian racism in higher education. 
  • We will take notes for documentation without collecting any personal information. 

Date: Tuesday, July 13 at 8-9 pm (Eastern Time; Wed July 14 at 9-10 am in Korea) 

For questions, feel free to email Dr. Jin-Ae Kang at 

Thank you.


Jin-Ae Kang

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