Invitation to 2021 KACA-ICA Business Meeting

안녕하십니까. KACA 멤버 여러분. 이번 KACA-ICA 세션 비즈니스 미팅에 여러분을 초대합니다. 올해 미팅에서는 학과장으로, 연구소 소장으로, vice provost로 활약하고 계신 곽노진 교수님을 모시고 리더십에 관한 특별 대화세션을 진행하려고 합니다. 연구와 강의를 넘어 각 대학에서 활동의 범위를 넓히고 싶은 KACA회원들에게 영감을 줄 수 있는 귀한 시간이 되리라 확신합니다.

ICA에 등록을 하지 않으셨더라도 KACA비즈니스 미팅에는 오실 수 있습니다. 아래 등록해주시기 바랍니다.–tqjMqG9Xn_etp8lj4Ndp39AJJm8S0

Dear KACA members.
I hope this email finds everyone well. My name is Jin-Ae Kang, vice president of KACA-ICA. I would like to invite KACA members to the KACA-ICA’s business meeting on Sunday, May 30, 2021, 8 pm – 9:10 pm (Eastern Time) via Zoom.
We have a regular business meeting agenda, but this time, we wanted to add some specialty.
We do have a special speaker, Dr. Nojin Kwak (University of Michigan/ SUNY Buffalo). He has been building a unique career path from a prolific communication scholar to an inspirational leader as a department chair, research center director, and vice provost for international education. He will share his experience, vision, and advice with the KACA’s young leaders like you! This session is for the members like you who search for role models of scholars, teachers, and administrators.  

Please Join Us!
• You do NOT need to be registered for the ICA conference to attend the business meeting. So, just register yourself for this meeting here:–tqjMqG9Xn_etp8lj4Ndp39AJJm8S0

• After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
• Both student members and seasoned members are welcome!
• Agenda
o Business Meeting (20 min): President Greetings, KACA-ICA report & Top Paper Award Grant Ceremony
o Special Talk with Dr. Nojin Kwak (50 min): What does it look like to take a leadership role in higher education?
• Date & Time
o US: Sunday May 30th at 8-9:10pm (Eastern Time), 5-6:10pm (Pacific Time)
o Korea: Monday May 31st at 9 – 10:10am

I will look forward to seeing many of you!

Jin-Ae Kang
KACA-ICA Vice President (2019-2021)

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