Communicative Cities Research Network Symposium 2023

Communicative Cities Research Network Symposium 2023 

Communicative cities and everyday life 

Oct 20-24, 2023 

Seoul & Shanghai 

The CCRN 2023 Symposium focuses on the transformation of everyday life in cities from the perspective of media and communication.  

Digital media, especially large-scale intelligent communication systems, operate to reassemble human/non-human actors, symbolic stockpiles in local cultures, and different things with digitized temporal and spatial parameters. As digital technologies grow more automatic, platformized, and infrastructured, this reassembling gradually becomes the new “normal” for most cities in the world. In due course, it generates new sociality, governance, culture, and economic dynamics by relating the old with the new, the far with the near, the immediate with the mediated. These transformations of everyday life for city-dwellers are mostly silent and inconspicuous but no less significant. Unplanned alternative possibilities for urban communication emerge from recurrent encounters between citizens and intelligent digital systems. Problematizing the everyday from media’s perspective is a daring attempt to highlight the possibilities for the public. Whether these new possibilities are recognized and instantiated will affect not only the prospect of communicative cities but also our collective future as inhabitants in an increasingly (dis)connected urban planet.  

In particular, this conference sets out to discuss how the day-to-day operation of emerging digital media systems (especially AI, huge platforms, or urban digital infrastructure) affect the thriving of youth culture in different cities; the redefinition of aging and generation within family households; entrepreneurship in cultural and creative parks throughout cities; e-commerce and changes in daily consumption, fluid boundaries of workplaces; novel forms of commons and communities, collective memory about cities, and civic engagement in public spaces. Changes in these aspects exert a tangible impact on how people inhabit and whether they may claim their rights to the city. These are some of the issues we will tackle at the Symposium.  

Presentations related but not limited to the following topics are also welcomed: 

-Everyday life after the pandemic  

-City images and everyday life  

-Digital media, public art and urban life  

-New temporal rhythms of the city  

-Aging and digital cities  

-City spirit, cultural legacy and everyday life  

-Online and offline intersections  

-Communication technologies and the changing nature of work and education  

-Promoting resilience and sustainability in urban areas  

-The use of digital technologies for urban governance and decision-making  

-Youth culture and urban landscape -Transforming commuting, mass transit, and home delivery – Artificial intelligence and urban life  

-Other topics related to communicative cities  

To participate, please submit an extended abstract (about 300 words) to Prof.Yong- Chan Kim, at  

The deadline for abstract submission is 31 July, 2023.  

Notification of acceptance will be sent on 15 August, 2023.  

For the four-day conference, the first part will happen in Yonsei University, Seoul from Oct 20-21,2023. The Asian Network of Communicative Cities Research will be launched during the time. The second part is planned in Fudan University, Shanghai from Oct 22-Oct 24. 

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