Call for 2022 KACA-KOFICE Conference Paper

Korean American Communication Association (KACA) will host a virtual conference on

October 6th, Thursday from 7:30pm to 10:30pm (EST), sponsored by Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE). We invite you to submit your completed papers related to the power and potential of Korean studies and Korean cultural contents in the transnational media environment for the competitive paper session.

KACA-KOFICE Conference Research Paper Topics

2022 KACA-KOFICE Conference would like to invite researchers and practitioners

whose expertise is on Korean studies and/or Korean cultural contents to further discuss the current and future potentials of K-culture, Korean wave and K-entertainment (to name a few), as well as effective strategies to the global market. We hope to offer opportunities to facilitate an intellectual discussion and encourage collaborations among communication scholars and professionals through conference networking. We welcome studies reflecting the KACA-KOFICE conference theme of “the power and potential of Korean studies and Korean cultural contents in the transnational media environment”.

Submission Deadline & Policies

KACA only accepts full papers. Send your completed papers to Dr. YoungJu Shin at no later than 11:59 pm (EST), Wednesday, August 31, 2022

(Please note for the time difference across geographic regions).

● For the blind review of the submitted manuscripts, all author identification must

be removed from the document except the cover page.

● The Best Paper Award will be granted to the author(s) of the manuscript that

receives the highest evaluation scores.

Full-Paper Manuscript Preparation

Two separate files are required for the paper submission: (1) Cover page; and (2)


Cover Page: A separate cover page is required. The cover page must include the

following information:

● Paper title

● An abstract (less than 200 words)

● 5 to 8 keywords

● All author names, email addresses, affiliations, and departments listed in the

order as they appear on the paper.

● Corresponding author and contact information including e-mail address,

mailing address, and phone number if different from the first author.

Manuscript Format:

● Send your manuscript in a form of Word or PDF.

● Completed papers are limited to 8000 words in length (Times New Roman,

double-spaced, excluding references, figures, and tables, with 12-point size and

1-inch margins).

● APA reference style is preferred.


You DO NOT need to be a member of the KACA to submit a paper for the sessions.

However, if your paper is accepted for the session, you will need to (1) register for the

KACA membership and (2) attend the conference virtually to present your paper.

For the KACA membership, visit

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