AEJMC Research Session Info

1. Referred Paper Research Session I (August 11th, Friday, 1:45pm – 3:15pm)

Does Fear of Isolation Disappear Online? Anonymity- and Attention-seeking Motivations behind Online Political News Consumption and Discourse

KyuJin Shim, Singapore Management University Soo-Kwang (Klive) Oh, William Paterson University Soojin Kim, Singapore Management University

The Effect of Brand Experience on Brand Love through Brand Trust, Satisfaction, and Identification

Jay (Hyunjae) Yu, Sogang University, Korea Gapyeon Jeong, Kyungbook University, Korea Woong Yang, Dongseo University, Korea Youngji Seo, University of Georgia

Firms’ Acceptance of Digital Advertising Policy in Korean Out-of-Home Advertising Industry: An Extension of the TAM Model

Jae-Soo Cho, Joongbu University, Korea
Yongseok Cheon, Korea OOH Advertising Center, Dankook University, Korea Sangwon Lee, Kyung Hee University, Korea
Jong Woo Jun, Dankook University, Korea

The Child Must Be Protected: News Big Data Analysis of Reporting Children in Korean Media for 20 Years

Daemin Park, Korea Press Foundation
Ock Tae Kim, Korea National Open University, Korea

Predicting Social Networking Sites (SNS) Communication in an Emerging Pandemic: The 2015 MERS-CoV Outbreak in South Korea

Woohyun Yoo, Incheon National University, Korea Doo-Hun Choi, Hallym University, Korea

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Communication Inequalities: A Case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Outbreak in Korea

Minjung Lee, Seoul National University, Korea Myoungsoon You, Seoul National University, Korea

Normative Influence in Scientists’ Willingness to Engage with the Public: Expanding the Theory of Normative Social Behavior (TNSB)

Hyeseung Elizabeth Koh, University of Texas at Austin Shupei Yuan, Michigan State University
Niveen AbiGhannam, University of Texas at Austin John Besley, Michigan State University

Anthony Dudo, University of Texas at Austin

An Overview and Implications of Scholarly Research Trend on Public Broadcasting in Korea

Gwangjae Kim, Hanyang Cyber University, Korea Shinkyu Kang, Sogang University, Korea

2. Referred Paper Research Session II (August 11th, Friday, 3:30pm – 5:00pm)

Revisiting Social Capital: Power Elites’ Social Capital Building Via Korean Newspapers’ People Section*

Wan-Soo Lee, Dongseo University, Korea Chan-Souk Kim, Cheongju University, Korea

How Do Health Messages and Self-Stigma Operate in Extended Parallel Process Model? : A Focus on a South Korean Smoking Issue**

Yungwook Kim, Ewha Womans University, Korea Jiyoung Lee, Syracuse University

Transboundary Air Pollution and Korean Public Opinion: Understanding the Effects of Attribution and Energy Frames†

Matthew A. Shapiro, Illinois Institute of Technology

* First Place Faculty Paper
** Second Place Faculty Paper
† Ewha-KACA Research Award Paper

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