2021 KACA Election Results

Dear KACA members:

Thank you so much for participating in the KACA election! We are pleased to announce that the following members have been elected to lead the KACA for the next two years, from September 2021 through August 2023. Congratulations to the president-elect, Dr. Jin-Ae Kang, and all other new officers.

1. President: Dr. Jin-Ae Kang (East Carolina University)

2. ICA Vice President: Dr. Youngju Shin (Arizona State University)

3. AEJMC Vice President: Dr. Yeonsoo Kim (James Madison University)

4. NCA Vice President: Dr. JongHwa Lee (Angelo State University)

5. Secretary: Dr. Soo Young Bae (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

6. Treasurer: Dr. Kyung Jung Han (California State University, Bakersfield)

7. Newsletter Editor: Dr. Jiyoun Kim (University of Maryland)

8. Webmaster: Dr. Kisun Kim (Albany State University)

9. Student Representatives: 

  • Minji Kim (University of Florida)
  • Rachel Son (University of Florida)
  • Jeongwon Yang (Syracuse University)

We appreciate your attention and support in the KACA election and all of the upcoming activities.


2021 KACA Election Committee
Eyun-Jung Ki (University of Alabama, ki@apr.ua.edu), Chair
Seungahn Nah (University of Oregon, snah@uoregon.edu)
Sungsu Kim (Kookmin University, sungsukimc@gmail.com), Secretary
Se Jung Kim (Syracuse University, skim34@syr.edu), Student Representative

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KACA rocks!

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