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Membership dues are very important in funding activities that are essential to fulfilling the KACA’s organizational mission, and we are truly grateful for your support. The KACA’s fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31.

If you would like to check your membership status or if you have any other questions about membership, please contact the treasurer, Dr. Kyung Jung Han at If you have any general questions or suggestions for us, please contact Dr. Jin-Ae Kang at

Membership Categories

KACA has one student membership category and four non-student and faculty categories of membership.

Silver, gold, and platinum members will be recognized as such in all KACA publications. All of the additional contribution that goes beyond the regular dues ($20) is separately maintained from KACA’s general operating account and used to support graduate student members in various venues, including scholarship, paper awards, and program support. Platinum members may contribute their membership dues to the graduate student program fund or to a special fund of their choice. Some popular choices may include a young scholar’s award fund, KACA graduate representative scholarship, and a research award in honor of someone you designate.

KACA Membership Categories

Annual Membership Dues

Use of the Membership Dues

Member Benefits

Student Member

$ 20

KACA Operating Account

*All membership benefits

Regular Member

$ 30

KACA Operating Account

*All membership benefits

Prime Member

Silver Member

$ 50

$ 75

KACA Operational Account ($30)
Graduate Student Supporting/Award Fund ($20/$45)

*All membership benefits
Name recognition on the
newsletter, blog and Web site

Gold Member

$ 100

KACA Operational Account ($30)
Graduate Student Supporting/Award
Fund ($70)

Silver Member benefits
Name recognition at the Conferences

Platinum Member

At least $200

KACA Operational Account ($30)
Establishment/contribution to
a special fund

Gold Member benefits
As a platinum member you choose
to direct up to one or more
of the special funds

*All membership benefits include Newsletter and KACA Members Page. KACA members can access the most up-to-date membership directory on this website.

Currently, the KACA accepts payments from PayPal service. If you are having problems to use PayPal, please contact the treasurer, Dr. Kyung Jung Han at for assistance. You can also email the treasurer for his address to send a check to him directly if you have a problem with PayPal.

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