Hello KACA members,  

KACA is launching its own academic and peer-reviewed journal, the Korean Journal of Communication (KJoC). As the first step, KJoC needs your voluntary participation in organizing an official editorial team including associate editors, editorial board members, editorial assistants, manuscript reviewers, etc. If you are interested in serving as our official editorial team, please email Dr. Do Kyun David Kim (Editor-In-Chief) at at your earliest convenience. The KJoC editorial team members will be acknowledged on the journal’s website and any of KJoC’s official printed volumes/materials.    

All KACA members including faculty members and doctoral candidates are welcome to join our editorial team. You can simply say “Yes, include me” in the email message to Dr. Kim with your affiliation, position, and area(s) of expertise.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration. It will be a great academic service opportunity for you! Don’t hesitate, but simply email Dr. Kim now!  

Have a great day, KACA Members!  

Dr. Do Kyun David Kim (Editor-In-Chief, Korean Journal of Communication)  

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