CfP: Journal of Advertising Education Special Issue: Cases in International and Multicultural Advertising


Journal of Advertising Education Special Issue:

Cases in International and Multicultural Advertising

Special Issue Guest Editors

Juliana Fernandes, University of Florida

Craig Davis, Ohio University

Teaching cases are currently being solicited for an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Advertising Education (JAE) dedicated to International and Multicultural Advertising. A teaching case “encourages discussion and investigation, and is always accompanied by an instructors’ manual to guide the user in leading the case in the classroom” (Vega, 2017, p. 2). A special issue on international and multicultural advertising will satisfy a need among scholars and instructors in advertising and related fields for readily available resources that they can use in the classroom. We welcome classroom cases that meet the following criteria, developed from secondary or primary sources.

  • Relates to the “International and Multicultural” theme
  • Includes teaching notes containing student questions and answers 
  • Is categorized as either be a “decision” case or a “descriptive” case.  A “decision” case requires students to make a decision based on the information in the case.  A “descriptive” case requires students to assess the actions of a company and make recommendations to improve a theory, process, or decision, etc.
  • Provides intellectual richness by demonstrating applications of theory
  • Is written in an easy to follow narrative featuring characters and conflict

The structure of the special issue articles will be similar to the general case study format. The article should contain an introduction, literature review and/or background, research questions, methods, results, and references. In addition, the author(s) will need to provide a detailed teaching note describing how to use the case study in the classroom, with examples of discussion questions, assignments, learning objectives, etc. For more information about the structure, please see the templates below:

Suggested Case and Teaching Note Template

Case (a minimum of 1500 words and maximum of 5000 words including references)

  1. Introduction and Opening Hook
  2. Industry Background
  3. Company Background
  4. Key Products and Services
  5. Management Background
  6. Conclusion and Closing Hook
  7. References

Teaching Note (length at author’s discretion)

  1. Case Overview
  2. Research Method
  3. Learning Outcomes (LO)
  4. Discussion Questions
  5. Answers to Discussion Questions
  6. Handouts (Optional)
  7. General Discussion
  8. Epilogue
  9. References
  10. Additional Pedagogical Materials (Optional)

The submission deadline is October 15, 2020.

This issue is being created in cooperation with the Global and Multicultural Committee (GMC) of the American Academy of Advertising (AAA). Manuscripts from authors new to the Journal of Advertising Education are welcome. All manuscripts should be submitted through the JAE online peer-review submission system at Authors should select “SPECIAL ISSUE: Cases in International and Multicultural Advertising” as “Manuscript Type.” Please also note in the cover letter that the submission is for the Special Issue on Cases in International and Multicultural Advertising.

For additional information regarding the Special Issue, please contact the guest editors at and/or

References and Supporting Materials for Case Writing

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The Case Studies in Strategic Communication ( and the Harvard Business Cases are also excellent sources for case writing.

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