Call for 2020 ICA Papers and Ad-hoc Reviewers

Korean American Communication Association

Call for 2020 ICA Papers and Ad-hoc Reviewers

Gold Coast, Australia | May 21- 25, 2020

Korean American Communication Association (KACA) will hold two competitive paper sessions, jointly with Chinese Communication Association (CCA) at the annual conference of the International Communication Association (ICA). We invite you to submit your completed papers related to any of the following topics:

KACA & CCA Joint Competitive Research Paper Topics:

Research endeavors relating to Korean- or East Asian-related communication themes, including but not limited to the following areas: intercultural- or cross-cultural studies; communication and new technologies; advertising, public relations, campaigns; journalism; political communication; science, health, environment, and risk communication; circulation of Korean cultural products in the world. We welcome studies reflecting the ICA conference theme of “Open Communication” in the context of Korea or East Asia (for more information of the ICA general calls for papers, visit  

KACA accepts two types of submissions: (1) full papers and (2) extended abstracts.

Send your completed papers or extended abstracts to Dr. Jin-Ae Kang at no later than 11:59 pm (EST), Saturday, November 30 2019.

For blind reviewing of submissions, all author identification should be removed from the document except the cover page. The manuscript that receives the highest evaluation scores for faculty and student paper competition in KACA Competitive Research Paper session, respectively, will be selected as the Best KACA Faculty and Student Paper, and will receive an award plaque. Only full paper submissions will be considered for the Best KACA Paper Award.


Two separate files are required for the paper submission: (1) Cover page; and (2) Manuscript.

Cover Page: A separate cover page is required. The cover page should include the following information:

Manuscript Format: Those who are interested in presenting at any of the sessions should submit an original and completed paper in a form of PDF or Word.  Completed papers are limited to 25 pages in length (Times New Roman, double-spaced excluding references and tables, with 12-point size and 1-inch margins). APA reference style is preferred. A brief abstract (less than 200 words) is required. Three anonymous reviewers will evaluate submitted manuscripts in terms of quality of theory development, the methods employed and significance of the findings.

Extended Abstracts:

Two separate files are required for the paper submission: (1) Cover page; and (2) Manuscript.


For those who do not plan to submit a paper to KACA sessions this year, please consider acting as an ad-hoc reviewer for KACA. Please send me an email, indicating your preferred methodology and areas of expertise. Your service as a KACA reviewer is greatly appreciated. Contact Dr. Jin-Ae Kang at for serving as a reviewer.

You do not need to be a member of the ICA or the KACA to submit a paper for the sessions. However, if your paper is accepted for the session, you will need to (1) register for the conference and (2) attend the conference to present your paper. Award recipients must be a registered member of KACA at the time of award ceremony.

Detailed information about the conference can be found at the ICA home page at

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