2021 KACA-AEJMC Graduate Student Paper Competition

2021 KACA-AEJMC Graduate Student Paper Competition

(Application Due: Monday, May 10, 2021; 

Completed Paper Due: Monday, May 31, 2021)

Title: Research Invitation – #2021 AEJMC Annual Conference KACA Research Session Graduate Student Paper Competition

Time: August 4-7, 2021 (Central Time)

Format: Virtual

AEJMC Theme: Turning the Page

The Korean American Communication Association (KACA) invites graduate students to submit original research papers to the 2021 AEJMC – KACA competitive research session. Research topics that focus on various aspects of media and communication studies related to Korea are welcome. The AEJMC-KACA session embraces multiple theoretical orientations and methodological research approaches.

Guidelines for All Submissions

1. Deadline

Before submitting papers, all applicants must submit a one-page application by no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Time, Monday, May 10, 2021. Please find the application form attached to this call. The completed paper should be submitted by no later than 11:59 p.m. Central Time, Monday, May 31, 2021.

2. Categories of Submissions (two categories):

1) Full papers

• 25 pages maximum (no more than 25 pages), plus references, tables, figures, and notes.

• Consistent with the APA style.

2) Extended abstracts

• Five pages maximum, plus references, tables, figures, and all notes.

• Consistent with the APA style.

• Extended abstracts should contain a literature review, research questions/hypotheses, a detailed method section, and actual findings (NOT expected findings). Abstracts only with literature review or research questions would NOT be considered.

Full papers are preferred. Only original research will be accepted. Research studies that are already presented, submitted, or accepted for presentation or publication should not be submitted.

3. Submission Method

Send the files (the title page file and the research paper file in MS Word or pdf format) to aejmckaca@gmail.com.

4. Submission process, requirement, and paper award

• All submissions must include a separate cover page and an abstract with approximately 250 words. A separate cover page should include the following information: paper title, author name, affiliation, mailing address, email address, and phone number.

• Author identification: Names and all information that may identify the author(s) should not appear anywhere in the paper other than on the separate cover page.

• For paper submission, authors do not need to be a member of KACA or AEJMC. However, once the paper is accepted, at least one author of the submitted paper should register for the AEJMC conference, join KACA, and attend the KACA session to present the paper.

• For the top graduate student paper award, if the score is the same, we will prioritize the full papers over the extended abstracts. The candidates for the top student paper should have student authors only. If you have any questions regarding the call for papers, you may contact Hanna Park (hannapark1982@gmail.com).

Best Regards,

Hanna Park, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Media Communication

Sun Moon University

KACA AEJMC Vice President 2019-2021

Korean American Communication Association

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