40-Day Challenge: KACA at 40

40-Day Challenge: $40 for 40 Years


Your Contribution Matters!

Since 1978, KACA with its over 550 individual members has dedicated itself to serving the academic and social needs of Korean communication scholars and students across the globe.

In appreciation and celebration of its remarkable 40 years, KACA hosts a special fundraising drive, between April 20 and May 29.

How Your Donation Will Be Used


 KACA Publications  Fund for Research Projects  Conference Travel Funds


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How to Participate

Click below to make contributions. After the payment, please read the landing page to enter your information to be displayed in our donor list.

KACA 40 Day Challenge


While the donation option is designed to commemorate the 40th anniversary, any other donation amount will be appreciated and accepted as well (click Donate). Togetherness and solidarity is the esssence of our fundraising.


Please join us in celebrating our meaningful achievement in making a difference!

Our List of Proud Donors So Far.

Total donors so far: 12, showing 100 per page
Last NameFirst NameAffiliation
Lee Hye-ryeon University of Hawaii at Manoa
Jang JooYoung UC Davis
Nah Seungahn University of Oregon
Cha Jiyoung San Francisco State University
Sang Yoonmo Howard University
Khang Hyoungkoo University of Alabama
Ki Eyun-Jung University of Alabama
Youm Kyu Ho University of Oregon
Kim Ji Young University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kim Young Yun University of Oklahoma
Ter Molen Sherri DePaul University
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[Note: this list is generated and updated based on the input form page that donors fill out after the Paypal transaction is complete. If your name does not show up in the list as intended, please contact the webmaster to have it reflected, usually within 48 hours. Thank you!]

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